Overcoming Fears at Horseshoe Bend


Trembling legs, shortness of breath, and a sudden fear of a very dramatic death? The symptoms are complete – congrats, you are scared of heights. Unfortunately, a phobia of heights does not pair well when your greeted by the grand Horseshoe Bend – a majestic, photogenic wonder in Northern Arizona.


Confession time: As a photographer, I’d like to think that I’m willing to make sacrifices for the sake of good photography. However, between the choice of life and death, I think I prefer the former which requires me to stay as far away from jagged cliffs (with crowds of tourists pointing their sharp selfie sticks around like medieval swords). After all, I place well in being one of the clumsiest people out there.

To take the perfect picture at Horseshoe Bend, one must overcome their fear of heights and boldly embrace the tall barrier-less cliffs. I didn’t get far until my knees started trembling. (Unlike the brave lady in the photo above, I didn’t gather the courage to take the perfect picture)

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From the Ashes of the Sunset Crater Volcano, Arizona


Its been centuries and centuries since the last eruption but the coat of ashes still lingers over Sunset Crater. What now resides is a blanket of ebony and the natural life that has overgrown in dusty volcanic scene. img_9961_zpsncvpttmh

Arriving at Sunset Crater, I was left without breath at the sight of this painting-like scene. If anyone has seen the Camel Thorn Trees in Namibia  (if you haven’t you must take a look here!! ), this shot reminds me of its un-photograph like quality.

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Wupatki National Monument


During our spring trek to Northern Arizona, we stopped by the Wupatki National Monument, a well-known Native American ruins. It is one of several sites preserving pueblos, ancient villages, and was once habited by the Anasazi and Sinagua Indians in the 12th & 13th century.img_0041_zpskfajykry

In the Hopi language, Wupatki Pueblo means ‘big house’ as it was once a home to a community of three hundred people.

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Fruit Pizza Recipe


As a lover of both fruit and pizza, I confess that it doesn’t get better than this. img_8689_zps46v9mq1p

When I say pizza though, I mean a crunchy sugar cookie crust topped in a layer of cream cheese frosting and a forest of ripe strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, kiwis and anything else imaginable.  Continue reading

Distant Photographs


“I wish that photographs were physical spaces, like tunnels; that you could crawl inside them and go back.”

-Lauren Oliver, Vanishing Girlsimg_9522_zpsexdctrzoI would love to crawl into a photograph, spiraling back in time, into a place where the future seemed so far away, where my father’s arms seemed like the width of the world,  and each day was a glimpse into eternity.img_9535_zpstvay7uir

The past, faded memories, scratched up receipts and christmas cards, glitter falling off of old artwork from preschool, catch and release, and suddenly we are here, conclusion of March, grasping onto things and people that no longer exist

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Harvesting Oranges in Sunny Arizona


Fruit picking can be such a joyful time of bonding and reflecting upon nature’s wonders. Orange trees are a norm in sunny Arizona but my Chicago-blooded heart still cries a little bit inside whenever I see a patch of orange speckles against a sea of lush green.


Our church friends bought a house that was built on what was once a large orange orchard. They have a little forest of orange trees growing in their backyard… its so wonderful. I was a bit jealous at first but then had a few nightmares wondering what they could do with all those oranges. Maybe create a lucrative orange bakery? That’s what I would do!

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