Local Shanghai Style Breakfast


There is no other way to start off the day than with a traditional Shanghainese-style breakfast – passed on from generation to generation. They call it Da Bing You Tiao (大饼油條) or Chinese Sesame Bread & Fried Dough because these two popular breakfasts foods are simply one of the most genius combinations out there. The crunchyness of the You Tiao with the savory green onion flavor of Da Bing.


7am in Pudong. If you look close enough, lurking behind shiny residential buildings and corporate offices, what do you find? Only if you are as lucky as us, an old-fashioned marketplace thriving with customers and flavor.


The menu! Everything is so cheap yet so delicious. I might be extremely biased but I think it definitely beats the local IHOP. In terms of USD, everything on the menu is selling for less than 50 cents. As a poor college student, I wish we had one of these in rural Indiana (please?).

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Fruit Pizza Recipe


As a lover of both fruit and pizza, I confess that it doesn’t get better than this. img_8689_zps46v9mq1p

When I say pizza though, I mean a crunchy sugar cookie crust topped in a layer of cream cheese frosting and a forest of ripe strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, kiwis and anything else imaginable.  Continue reading

Harvesting Oranges in Sunny Arizona


Fruit picking can be such a joyful time of bonding and reflecting upon nature’s wonders. Orange trees are a norm in sunny Arizona but my Chicago-blooded heart still cries a little bit inside whenever I see a patch of orange speckles against a sea of lush green.


Our church friends bought a house that was built on what was once a large orange orchard. They have a little forest of orange trees growing in their backyard… its so wonderful. I was a bit jealous at first but then had a few nightmares wondering what they could do with all those oranges. Maybe create a lucrative orange bakery? That’s what I would do!

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Winter in Sedona


(the view from The Chapel of the Holy Cross) Our love for beautiful places brings us back to Sedona ~


We last visited in June and not much has changed aside from the people. The colors, orange and red saturating the distant landscape, were as bold as ever.img_9042_zpstjp8esh41

Sunny day, perfect New Years day weather!

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New Years Eve Travels: Boyce Thompson Arboretum


Living in Arizona means lots of nature, hiking into the mountains, becoming one with the sun, and cactus…everywhere!


For our family in particular, it means nature adventures basically every single day because why not. On New Years Eve, we ventured to Boyce Thompson Arboretum with our visiting California friends. 323 acres of botanical garden and beautiful landscape ~ img_8866_zpswnm71fli

My dear cacti – I feel like I know them so much better after spending these last two weeks of winter surrounded by them.

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