Celebrating Chinese New Year for the First Time


God is so good and I can express only thankfulness to all He has provided this January. After twenty years, something amazing happened and I was able to celebrate Chinese New Year for the first time in Shanghai with my family. He brought me to home in time for the one rare week of the year in China when relatives and friends from across cities, provinces, borders are brought back together.31788059114_ce7f27f79f_k_zpsfouvb3xd

And of course being me, I accidentally left my camera behind when coming across the extravagantly decorated Cheng Huang Miao (City God Temple of Shanghai) that lights up every night for the new year holiday.  😦 31788066104_9e4ce06012_k_zpsvkjvngriNevertheless, Cheng Huang Miao was more beautiful and crowded than ever with everybody wearing headbands with little chickens to celebrate the new year of the rooster.

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