Shanghai’s London Inspired Town – Thames Town


Out of nowhere, in Shanghai’s Songjiang new district, you may stumble upon this extraordinary British-inspired “village” – Thames Town, whose name is derived from London’s River Thames.

We came here during our day trip to Songjiang and almost, for a second, I got all flustered thinking somehow I had been dragged back to the western civilization against my will.img_1651_zps17y0qvai

The relatively new Thames Town was initially constructed in 2006 as part of a One City, Nine Towns plan under the watch of a British architecture firm. Many of the buildings are exactly modeled off of existing establishments in England, including the church in the image above.


Now, Thames Town has become extremely popular for wedding photography (we saw countless grooms & brides running around with their photographers) and also hobbyists, arms filled with spare lens (I can relate to this feeling).


Spanish style restaurant that we passed on our walk.


Sorry, the water wasn’t actually green but somehow my photo filters always come off a bit funky 😦 !img_1601_zpsp5tddp6c

Mmmh..what’s this?img_1602_zpslluvhisa

Mung bean popsicle ~ the perfect cooling sensation to a hot & dripping day.


Another solution for hot Shanghai days: hide inside an gorgeous air conditioned book shop. Shelves and shelves of western and eastern collections ~ Tong Hua meets Dostoyevsky.

Speaking of Tong Hua, is anyone reading Lost You Forever? Join me in my wallowing ~


Below us, shelves of books encased in glass.


Children’s reading room. We recuperated on tiny cushion couches, reading cute little picture books as I make use of my kindergartener level Chinese (its getting better I swear!). img_1628_zps3nfrg8gt

A chapel-inspired reading room complete with illuminated glass and arched bookshelves.img_1629_zpsedrksmgt

Textual details. Honestly, I can’t even imagine studying here with all the distractions.img_1626_zpsixe8c0kk

Amidst casual readers and friends conversing, a photo pictorial takes place.




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