Colors of Antelope Canyon


With no surprise, one of the prized natural treasures of Northern Arizona is Antelope Canyon, the renowned Navajo slot canyon known for its rusty warm hues and sharp textures. 39_zps1y3s3frc

We arrived on a cold winter’s day with everybody wrapped up in sweaters and dangling camera straps. It was quite a sight to see the range of tourists, faces of all ages and race clicking away on their photo-taking devices.


Antelope Canyon is divided into its Upper and Lower parts. The Upper Canyon, perhaps more popular for its photographic quality and demand, is known for its radiant beams of sunlight that peak through the jagged canyon walls. The Lower Canyon shares much of the same ambiance – however, one of the main differences being its installation of stairways that visitors must bear through.6_zpsnlpv9sg1

We visited the Lower Canyon because of the cheaper price but still really enjoyed our trip. However the slippery path down to the canyons and the set of stairs could be dangerous for the young and old, we had a few nervous slips but other than that, it was fine.


Smokestacks seen from the canyon entrance. img_0147_zps6jbkqym2

It was amazing to see how years and years had eroded away at these rocks – nature in its delicate motion.


Despite the crowds, Antelope Canyon is a worthy stop among many others. If you come in with the right attitude, you’ll be impressed by what the canyon gives back (gorgeous photos for instance….. ❤ ).


Little details of the lower canyon.12_zps4errbm58

The exit out!

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      1. Ellie! Apologies for the months-late reply!
        My summer has been so great 🙂 ! I can’t wait to catch up with you at school!

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