Overcoming Fears at Horseshoe Bend


Trembling legs, shortness of breath, and a sudden fear of a very dramatic death? The symptoms are complete – congrats, you are scared of heights. Unfortunately, a phobia of heights does not pair well when your greeted by the grand Horseshoe Bend – a majestic, photogenic wonder in Northern Arizona.


Confession time: As a photographer, I’d like to think that I’m willing to make sacrifices for the sake of good photography. However, between the choice of life and death, I think I prefer the former which requires me to stay as far away from jagged cliffs (with crowds of tourists pointing their sharp selfie sticks around like medieval swords). After all, I place well in being one of the clumsiest people out there.

To take the perfect picture at Horseshoe Bend, one must overcome their fear of heights and boldly embrace the tall barrier-less cliffs. I didn’t get far until my knees started trembling. (Unlike the brave lady in the photo above, I didn’t gather the courage to take the perfect picture)


Lets rewind. Our journey begins right off highway 89. From here, cars begin to line up following a half-mile hike to the bend.


Gravesides by the road that we passed by. 14_zpsmqtwhf7s1

Getting off the car, we made a long trek joined by  a mass of other to our destination.


Colorful sea of tourists resting from the journey.



Unlike me, even this little boy was willing to conquer his fear of heights for the purpose of appreciating natural beauty. 15_zps31gghkmr

Other brave kids who stood on the edge of the rock from noble selfie purposes. 16_zpscprgmx4e

While I was disappointed that I could not get the perfect shot, I’m glad I didn’t get completely caught up in the moment. Slowly, we should push our limits but always, keeping in mind a sense of reason and caution.


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