From the Ashes of the Sunset Crater Volcano, Arizona


Its been centuries and centuries since the last eruption but the coat of ashes still lingers over Sunset Crater. What now resides is a blanket of ebony and the natural life that has overgrown in dusty volcanic scene. img_9961_zpsncvpttmh

Arriving at Sunset Crater, I was left without breath at the sight of this painting-like scene. If anyone has seen the Camel Thorn Trees in Namibia  (if you haven’t you must take a look here!! ), this shot reminds me of its un-photograph like quality.


The reddish and black hues meshing together with lush green. img_9923_zpsm63kcmz4

Unfortunately, as in the case of many national monuments, the trail to the crater has been closed down due to previous abuse by park visitors. How sad that nature and history is little appreciated by our predecessors who have walked these very paths, not to say that people of our time would not do the exact same. img_9960_zpsxoh81q2t

Historians have assumed that people were living here 900 years ago before the eruptions. What is left of them and their civilization, we are unsure of.img_9972_zpsutukgi5p

The forestry that grows here today is a beautiful representation of how nature responds to disaster – just like all life, it is persistent and desiring of survival. img_9917_zpsjdaoscyc

A tree stump, long decayed but still present.img_9981_zps2k3lczu8

A lone tree standing strong at a peak. img_9982_zpsm2gag02y

Overall, the Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument is a place that is worth the visit and the (short!) hike. The friends that we visited with had already been here 4 times previously – and that is a testament to how beautiful it is here!

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