Treasure Find! Scottsdale’s Old Town


The Old Town of Scottsdale is full of character and vibrancy. Upon arriving, we were greeted by an assortment of colors, art galleries, and trendy boutiques.


The exterior of an art gallery. Can I live here?


Ah, the assortment of Arizona plant life.img_9430_zpsxadps0ra1

Real cacti, fake cacti, cacti made out of wood, cacti made out of paint, the possibilities are endless.


Metal sculpture capturing Scottsdale history.img_9462_zpsavgb3yzc

More art gallery exterior. I hung around for a while until the Janitor gave me questioning glances.


Arizona flora, I’m in love!


There were a lot of photoshoots going on at the gallery (for good reasons!)


Bye art gallery! I will come back soon! (for more photo opportunities *coughs* )


Sugar Bowl was this vintage style ice cream parlor that mimics the early 1900’s style of dining. If I came back to Scottsdale, I would love to drop by here!



10 thoughts on “Treasure Find! Scottsdale’s Old Town

    1. Alyssa!! Thank you sweetheart ~ that’s so awesome ~ I never knew you lived so close!

      Do you recommend any other locations in Scottsdale? πŸ™‚

      1. πŸ’œπŸ’œ ☺️where do you live? I love Scottsdale Quarter and the Desert Botanical Garden (that’s Phoenix technically). Also check out the Scottsdale Performing Arts Center! And you MUST try White Chocolate Grill. Fave restaurant πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

      2. i live in gilbert! πŸ™‚ my family actually just moved to arizona from chicago so i’m still like a child trying to find my way around haha
        ooh, i just searched up photos of the scottsdale quarter and it looks stunning, same with the desert botanical garden!! thank you for all the recommendations, i hope i get to try them out soon! <33

      3. Oh my gosh, I grew up in Gilbert! That’s where my parents live still. Downtown Gilbert is actually really cute. It’s quaint and NOTHING like Chicago, but it’s fun. And they have a little community theatre there called the Hale Theatre. Also try Joe’s Farm Grill in Gilbert πŸ™‚ Hope you’re settling in comfortably ❀

      4. Woah! Really?? That’s awesome haha it feels like such a small world that we happen to live in the same place :-)!! Have you lived in Arizona all your life?
        I agree, Gilbert & Chicago are very different places… haha, but I am enjoying Arizona so much I don’t want to leave (besides the summer and all lol).

        I’ve heard a lot of good reviews about Joe’s Farm Grill … I hope to stop by sometime soon :-)!!

  1. I know! Such a small world ☺️ Yes, I’ve lived here my whole life so I’m itching to leave! But I do love Arizona and the desert will always be my home. I’m such a baby in cold weather! My brother did live in Chicago for about a year!

    Are you still in college?

    1. Hi Roxanne!
      Thank you for your lovely comment! πŸ™‚
      Yes, the winter in Arizona is so beautiful and so comfortable, I hope you do get a chance to come visit during this time!
      However, Melbourne sounds amazing on its own …. I’ve never traveled to Australia but I’ve heard so many amazing things about it!
      <333 By the way, the photos of food on your blog are enchanting and make me hungry haha!

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