Harvesting Oranges in Sunny Arizona


Fruit picking can be such a joyful time of bonding and reflecting upon nature’s wonders. Orange trees are a norm in sunny Arizona but my Chicago-blooded heart still cries a little bit inside whenever I see a patch of orange speckles against a sea of lush green.


Our church friends bought a house that was built on what was once a large orange orchard. They have a little forest of orange trees growing in their backyard… its so wonderful. I was a bit jealous at first but then had a few nightmares wondering what they could do with all those oranges. Maybe create a lucrative orange bakery? That’s what I would do!


Our friends were kind enough to invite all of us to pick as many oranges as we want and enjoy, essentially, an orange buffet. We came home with heaping buckets full of oranges and full stomaches.


As the others continued to pick oranges, I ran off into the orange forest to take pictures. Typical haha ~~img_9016_zpsiva2pxmb

Some of these orange portraits remind me of paintings ~img_9024_zpsmcpgbrhh

A tree branch overloaded with oranges and begging to be picked! img_9021_zpss1hlxfkx

The week after orange picking we had fresh orange juice every morning and I made chocolate orange scones, which were delicious and gone too soon. Adding to our luck, my mom’s dancing friends brought in buckets of lemons and my father’s friends brought another few buckets of grapefruit. I’m glad that all our friends are encouraging us to follow a healthy lifestyle – I have no complaints XD!


Me & the hugest orange I have seen in my life!


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