Our trek on the Superstition Mountains, Arizona


Last Saturday, exhausted from all our traveling, I put on a grumpy face and promised myself “No more hiking!”. Somehow, in the next hour, I landed at Superstition Mountains, located at the east end of Phoenix, with a water bottle in one hand and my chipped camera in the other. (I dropped my camera as I was getting out of the car, crying ensued)


Mom: Hey its a monkey eating a peach

Me: I don’t see it.

Me: Oh wait.

I can’t unsee it haha!


The hike up is pretty easy and the continuous good view definitely helps make the journey shorter. For our group, our total journey took around 2 hours including our various stops to take photos and savor the scenery. The walk down, on the other hand, was a bit more dangerous. We had some close falls because the rocks and sand are loose and unstable. Just a warning to travelers with awful balance like me 😦 watch your step!


Gemstone like “mountains”. Despite my initial grumpiness, I’m so glad we were able to come, especially in the winter of all times. I can not imagine how hot and miserable hiking in the summer here me (not my kind of lifestyle, oh no) img_9231_zps3arbol16

My brother being the rebellious kid he is and throwing rocks down below as I quietly whispers prayers for fellow hikers. Meanwhile my father in the distance screams, “Nathan!!”.


As my brother was up to no good, other kids in our group were actually hiking. Props to them.


(our group reaching the top of the hiking trail) The sun was burning that day and I’m sure many of us were exhausted and grumpy at this point. The stinky horse manure that littered the hiking grounds did not help haha. To lighten the mood, my brother and his friend joked, “Lets eat muffin! Ma fen! 马粪!” which basically means horse manure in chinese but sounds similar to the english word “muffin”.  Bilingual puns man…


Me on way back: This is my exercise for the week!


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