Winter in Sedona


(the view from The Chapel of the Holy Cross) Our love for beautiful places brings us back to Sedona ~


We last visited in June and not much has changed aside from the people. The colors, orange and red saturating the distant landscape, were as bold as ever.img_9042_zpstjp8esh41

Sunny day, perfect New Years day weather!


(*suddenly remembers framing techniques from a foundational photo class*) My father & I hiked up for twenty minutes and kind gave up haha, we are definitely not the athletic type!


Hehe, it was fun to see families getting creative with their shots!


Wow such beauty ~~


I swear, its so hard to tell if its summer or winter. I’m getting so confused haha ~~


More of the beautiful view from above.


Cutie bulb plants spotted on hike up Sedona trail!


Bonus: Look at this cute little sign we saw at Chapel of the Holy Cross. Poor plants they already look pretty picked on 😦 #LeaveThePlantsAlone!


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