New Years Eve Travels: Boyce Thompson Arboretum


Living in Arizona means lots of nature, hiking into the mountains, becoming one with the sun, and cactus…everywhere!


For our family in particular, it means nature adventures basically every single day because why not. On New Years Eve, we ventured to Boyce Thompson Arboretum with our visiting California friends. 323 acres of botanical garden and beautiful landscape ~ img_8866_zpswnm71fli

My dear cacti – I feel like I know them so much better after spending these last two weeks of winter surrounded by them.


Boyce Thompson Arboretum reaches its peak beauty in the autumn and spring with the changing colors and blooming flowers. Coming in the end of December, we missed out on that but got to experience the winter beauty of Arizona and the lovely 70 degree Fahrenheit weather!


A manmade lake (partially) dedicated to little cute ducks


An oasis in the dry dessert ~

img_8847_zpsxmhl3dxu img_8852_zpsfnh5dmmd

Did I mention beautiful nature…? Desert plants are gorgeous ….


Even the tiniest flowers have such distinct features


I’m in love ~~


*stocks up on succulents for the new year*


Oh ~ we can never forget the cacti! The cati above are the wonderful Arizona barrel cactus species. I did my research 🙂


The benches throughout the parks were dedicated to different donors. I fondly laughed at this one.


Overall, our family really enjoyed the arboretum (we even bought a yearly pass haha ^_^ ) and highly recommend it to all Arizona residents & tourists.

(tickets are around $10 per adult, so its not unreasonably pricey)



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