Petrified Forest Adventures

(a belated post that should have been published in august)

First impressions of the Arizona: I’m burning up; its so hot! From Chicago, my dad and I ambitiously set out on a 3 day trek (with brief stops at Tulsa, Oklahoma and Albuquerque, New Mexico)

( today’s playlist : hot summer by f(x) )

After driving for two days, our designated reward was the beautiful Petrified Forest National Park in Northeastern Arizona. Admission is a mere $20 for a passenger car of less than 6 people. The journey is self paced. You can drive through the entirety of the park in less than an hour if you wish but there are also many stops along the way for those who wish to soak in the natural wonders or brave the hiking experience.

The highlight of the park for me was the never ending varieties of natural beauty. The Petrified Forest is mainly known for its fossils, petrified wood, and landmarks that date back 225 million years. It was set aside as a protected national monument in 1962.


Setting off on our Petrified Forest adventure, we clutched our cold water bottles for safety and clung onto our maps like little umbrellas.


8,000 years ago people began to settle here but due to the climate change, the civilization did not last.


While we were driving, I looked back and to me, this was the most beautiful sight. The badlands appeared like the moon’s surface – vacant and mysterious.


Layers of sedimentary rocks: sandstone, siltstone, mudstone, claystone, limestone ….The color of the rock layers comes from the large amounts of iron and manganese.


Devoid of life, the badlands extended for miles on end. The desert, approximately 120 miles, engulfs a major highway.


If the day was not so hot, we would have gone farther, most likely taken a casual scenic hike. Here, were the famous petrified logs. In the past, tourists had too often stolen these logs and now the park has posed stricter regulations, prohibiting visitors from removing artifacts of any kind.


Logs, logs, logs ~ They were so beautiful and colorful. Its amazing how their texture resembles anything but wood after all that aging.


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    1. thank you for visiting!! i’m so happy to hear that 🙂 !!
      ooh, that sounds lovely… i would love to visit there sometime ^__^!
      + happy holidays ~~!

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