Treasure Find! Quirky Shops in Gatlinburg

Yay! Just the kind of window shopping I was hoping for. While taking a walk on the streets of Gatlinburg, we came across The Village, a well known collection of quirky boutiques, eateries, and galleries – specialty shops focused solely on socks, spices, olive oil, ceramic pots, and many other interesting topics.

The shopping arena has a feel that reminds me of those charming European villages hidden in history.

The entrance of The Village that captures their “quaint Old World setting”. 

I wish I could of stayed here longer to explore but my brother’s protest for Ben & Jerry’s ice cream were louder than my pleas. We did make the best of our short time window shopping ^___^ !

Just a few of the 27 specialty shops of The Village.

A spice & herbs centric shop (The Spice & Tea Exchange) that lured me over with its strong exotic aroma. This is basically a cook’s paradise – all those spices *swoons*.

There were a lot of candle shops cluttered with quirky little flavors. I was very amused.

“Duck farts” surprisingly smelled amazing ~ Good marketing, well done!

We stumbled into The Lamplight Gallery that was hosting several artists. I can’t remember this guy’s name sadly but he painted these beautiful masterpieces – Disney illustrations, rich and brilliantly rendered to bring the scene to life.

The gallery gave you control of the art’s lighting. When dimmed, these pieces still glowed with the low lighting ~~

2 thoughts on “Treasure Find! Quirky Shops in Gatlinburg

  1. I love the village atmosphere in this place! its exactly what makes me want to travel to Europe~
    This artist is Thomas Kinkade (its written on the window in the second pic), he is one of my favourite artists ^^ discovered about him one day while googling for richest artists who are alive.. sadly he passed away a few years ago

    1. hi sweetie!
      yess ii really adored the atmosphere of this place ❤ (minus the flocks of tourists and everything haha) it had this old country european town feel with its tidy but quirky architecture ~~

      oh wow that's so cool!
      we visited his gallery, it was so lovely, i wanted to spend more time there….

      his works are so vividly rendered you just want to stare at them all day T____T

      😦 aw, i'm sorry to hear that though! he sounds like a brilliant person

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