Sticky Lemon Rolls Recipe

Lemon rolls! Since I’ve always adored cinnamon rolls, why not give them a little twist?

The two things in the world that scare me the most are yeast and gelatin recipes which probably explains why I’m so hesitant when it comes to making rolls. Its like one of those silly childhood phobias that you can’t seem to shake off – that one time my cinnamon rolls turned into a sad flat bread still has a haunting presence.

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Treasure Find! Quirky Shops in Gatlinburg

Yay! Just the kind of window shopping I was hoping for. While taking a walk on the streets of Gatlinburg, we came across The Village, a well known collection of quirky boutiques, eateries, and galleries – specialty shops focused solely on socks, spices, olive oil, ceramic pots, and many other interesting topics.

The shopping arena has a feel that reminds me of those charming European villages hidden in history.

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Ghost Towns in the Smokies

My favorite part of our hiking adventures was stumbling upon this neighborhood of abandoned houses, simply rotting into the forestry like some kind of ode to dystopian architecture.

This location is apparently known as the Elkmont Historic District. Starting as a logging camp at the end of the 1800’s, it developed into a tourist resort until the 1990’s where the project was abandoned. Currently there is controversy over what to do with these remaining buildings, whether to demolish or maintain. My vote goes towards the second option, but that’s just me, someone tragically in love with decomposing houses.

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