Summer in the Smoky Mountains

We are back in the Smokies ~! Visiting old family friends and enjoying the beautiful July scenery. (above: the heavenly view from the cabin deep in the mountains that our friends were staying at)

On our drive around Cade’s Cove, my mom kept us on our toes with her false alarms “Bear! Bear!” until finally one must have heard her pleading cries and stumbled out of his humble abode to give us a short welcome. He was right outside our car, playfully hanging around by fallen logs.

When my parents first immigrated from Shanghai, visiting the Smokies in autumn was their first real break from work life. They still vividly describe the scenery, their humble travels on foot, and the youth of their college days. And while I’m not as nostalgic as them, its still a place I hold dear to my heart. ^^

Coming to the Smokies every summer has almost shifted into a family tradition. Though with our upcoming move to the Southwest, this may be our last vacation here for a while. 😦

After a lengthy ten hour drive, we arrived to Maryville, a sunset closing above us.

The next day, feeling rebellious, we strayed off various waterfall trail, finding ourselves trekking through knee deep water.

Another beautiful view from Cade’s Cove. The week we visited, the heat was unbearable so many where reluctant to leave the car. For me though, a gorgeous mountain view will always beat air condition.

A high contrast, black and white rendition of the same scene.

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