My Favorite Easy Fruit Salad & Mango Smoothie Recipe

After a week of dining on leftovers, feeling like trash is guaranteed. And that’s why fruit salads exist – mood lifting, skin saving, and strength-building bowls of wonder.

Not to mention, how much vibrance they add to your ordinary day! Colors of summer, a fruit medley that can’t be refused.

My current favorite fruit salad combination is strawberries (the foundation fruit), blueberries (small crunchy compatibility), avocado (creamy goodness), and mangoes (tangy sweetness). With the belated discovery that avocados are social butterflies and fit perfectly into every salad, I promise I’m never going back.

To finish off the salad comes a simple but naturally sweet smoothie. 2 ingredients : ripe mango flesh & soymilk (or milk of your choice, though lets be honest, soymilk is the true queen!!).



Blend 1 ripe mango sliced, 3/4 cups of soymilk, and a tiny squeeze of lime if you are feeling adventurous.

Enjoy & have a wonderful, healthy day!!

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