Infinity Dreams Award

I N F I N I T Y  .  D R E A M S  .  A W A R D

The lovely Alyssa from Alyssa’s Breakfast Cafe nominated me for this award. Thank you sweetheart!

T H E . R U L E S ♥

  •  Link back to the blogger who nominated you
  •  List 7 dreams
  •  Nominate other bloggers!

M Y . D R E A M S ♥

1) Ride the subways in Tokyo without direction ✧ ✧ 

Maybe this comes from reading too much of Haruki Murakami’s novels but I’ve always had this dream to just take the subway, switch routes here and there, and see where it takes me. No map, no agenda, just instinct. In my mind, I would like to end up at a mysterious cafe at the end of an alley, tucked between two tight buildings, colorful but mindfully so, with an aroma of old books and afternoon coffee (oh, and there would also be a cat, lazing by the door, who would give me an intense stare before scattering away).

2) To sleep by the ocean shores ✧ ✧ 

With nothing but the sand tucked beneath my feet (and a pocket full of chocolate for good reasons). I love background noise at night like the rain knocking on your window, storms brewing in the backyard, or the ocean’s waves crashing angrily onto the shores. Every time I visit the ocean, I long to wrap myself up in a picnic blanket and just sleep on the cold sand, salt water tickling my skin.

Though now that I think about it, it doesn’t sound the like safest thing to do haha – but all wonderful things come with a risk right?

3) Trace back the roots of my ancestors ✧ ✧ 

Extremely cheesy, but I’ve always been curious where my family came from and the story of each individual. Where were they in the beautiful Tang dynasty, the Warring States periods – were they immigrants from the countryside speaking in dialect, prisoners of war caught up between two budding nations, or rich traders controlling the sea ports?

Were they happy or were they tragic? (the first, I would hope as any) And like in Maxine Hong Kingston’s short story “No Name Woman”, I am only left with my imagination and the stories of possibilities that come out of that.

4) Watch a meteor shower ✧ ✧ 

Like the Perseid meteor shower. I don’t think I would be able to say that I’ve lived properly until I go stargazing out in a rural open field devoid of city lights and car engines. It must be something that runs in my blood because my brother has always been completely fascinated with outer space, my mother’s childhood dream was to be an astronaut, and my dad turns into a pack rat when it comes to his bulky telescopes.

5) Write a book ✧ ✧ 

Knowing me, the book would probably be about coffee shops or oceans.There would be overtly vivid food description and lack of dialogue. I have so many incomplete stories growing old and impatient – terribly characteristic of me, I love starting things and never have the will power to finish them.

6) Learn from a culinary chef ✧ ✧ 

Every time my family travels and I’m stuck in some dingy hotel room, my first instinct is to turn the TV to the Food Channel. I’m such a wannabee when it comes to cooking – something I still have little experience in but great fascination for. This is embarrassing but I only learned how to cook rice last month and there’s probably a lot more for me to learn before I can even call myself a hobbyist. Despite my lack of knowledge for the culinary world, I’ve always had this dream to go off into culinary school and come out as this sophisticated pâtissière or something.

Meanwhile, I’ll just be here snacking on homemade chocolate chip cookies and banana bread.

7) Love all ✧ ✧ 

(How terribly cheesy of me) I hope I can work to the point where I can forget anger and just love and appreciate all those around me. As beautifully said by Charlotte Bronte, “Life appears to me too short to be spent in nursing animosity or registering wrongs.”

M Y . N O M I N A T I O N S ♥

Sincerely, Sammy

Home, Garden, Life

Chasing Time Media

Adventure Affinity 

Sincerely, Shalom 

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