City under the Sun: Sedona

Sedona is a city known for its brilliant warm hues and sandstone formations that illuminate red under the sun. An hour and a half away from Phoenix, Sedona makes an easy weekend getaway. For my family, it was a pleasant chance to break away from house searching and finally relax.

The view was gorgeous from every angle. We paid for a jeep ride up, horribly bumpy but a true adventure, and were rewarded with this beautiful sight (above). 


As we hiked up the marked trails, we even saw a gathering up bikers riding past the bumpy rocks. *bows in admiration*

I do this silly thing where I forget to plan ahead, just like the time I wore heels onto the Great Wall, I arrived at Sedona with these shiny pink flipflops, decorated in sequences. I think I’ve come to the acceptance that I’m just not a smart person – so when I registered that experiencing Sedona involved hiking, rock climbing, and maneuvering through tricky places, I silently wept and looked down at my feet. Surprising enough however, the flip flops worked pretty well with rock climbing and I was “applauded” / laughed at by strangers for my brave choice of attire. Yes!

Stunning colors!

(above) My mom, taking in the scenery.

One of the most beautiful views came from the Chapel of the Holy Cross.

3 thoughts on “City under the Sun: Sedona

  1. These shots are absolutely breathtaking…and I think worth the bumpy jeep ride! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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