City under the Sun: Sedona

Sedona is a city known for its brilliant warm hues and sandstone formations that illuminate red under the sun. An hour and a half away from Phoenix, Sedona makes an easy weekend getaway. For my family, it was a pleasant chance to break away from house searching and finally relax.

The view was gorgeous from every angle. We paid for a jeep ride up, horribly bumpy but a true adventure, and were rewarded with this beautiful sight (above).  Continue reading


Infinity Dreams Award

I N F I N I T Y  .  D R E A M S  .  A W A R D

The lovely Alyssa from Alyssa’s Breakfast Cafe nominated me for this award. Thank you sweetheart!

T H E . R U L E S ♥

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M Y . D R E A M S ♥

1) Ride the subways in Tokyo without direction ✧ ✧ 

Maybe this comes from reading too much of Haruki Murakami’s novels but I’ve always had this dream to just take the subway, switch routes here and there, and see where it takes me. No map, no agenda, just instinct. In my mind, I would like to end up at a mysterious cafe at the end of an alley, tucked between two tight buildings, colorful but mindfully so, with an aroma of old books and afternoon coffee (oh, and there would also be a cat, lazing by the door, who would give me an intense stare before scattering away).

2) To sleep by the ocean shores ✧ ✧ 

With nothing but the sand tucked beneath my feet (and a pocket full of chocolate for good reasons). I love background noise at night like the rain knocking on your window, storms brewing in the backyard, or the ocean’s waves crashing angrily onto the shores. Every time I visit the ocean, I long to wrap myself up in a picnic blanket and just sleep on the cold sand, salt water tickling my skin.

Though now that I think about it, it doesn’t sound the like safest thing to do haha – but all wonderful things come with a risk right?

3) Trace back the roots of my ancestors ✧ ✧ 

Extremely cheesy, but I’ve always been curious where my family came from and the story of each individual. Where were they in the beautiful Tang dynasty, the Warring States periods – were they immigrants from the countryside speaking in dialect, prisoners of war caught up between two budding nations, or rich traders controlling the sea ports?

Were they happy or were they tragic? (the first, I would hope as any) And like in Maxine Hong Kingston’s short story “No Name Woman”, I am only left with my imagination and the stories of possibilities that come out of that.

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Super Moist Banana Bread Recipe

The first thing I did, coming home from college, was whipping out my baking utensils out of the dusty closet. My pots and pans had rotted away sadly in the 5 months of my absence – I even got quite a scare finding a spider and his web residing in my bread pan…. hmm. (lots of washing ensued)

Banana bread is something in particular I always crave (though in general I’m just a banana person?). Delicious and rich, it always proves to be a worthwhile afternoon snack!

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