Treasure Find! Greenhouses

Living as one with the cornfields can get a bit dull at times, especially for people like me who want nothing more in life than to eat little pastries from corner convenient stores and bargain shop for cute clothes in underground subways. Around February in particular, the dreary winter was becoming just a little too mundane in little old Upland. In those moments, you just long for colors, especially the deep green of spring.

My friend though, being such a wonderful human being, introduced me to our school’s on campus greenhouse. Truly a hidden treasure, it lurks in the shadows of our old science building. Its this humble sized greenhouse that smells like spring humidity and a strong flowery aroma. The perfect solution to a miserable winter day – with cold hands and wind-blown hair, I came in and left with a spirit repaired.

My cutie shoes and the reflection of the greenery hanging above me in a pool of water.

Mmhm, this was a reflection worth keeping. The flowers look even more beautiful in the murky water than they do in real life.

The colors in the greenhouse were so vibrant – an eternal summer in the midst of a long winter.

I’m been scouring the ends of the earth to figure out what this strange plant is, eccentrically decorated with orange and white dots like a pattern. If anyone knows its name, I would love to know! *puppy eyes*

A few days later, I found myself once again blessed to visit greenhouse #2. This time in Indy, the greenhouse by the Indianapolis Art Museum. To be honest, here is a spot-on programming equation for you: Greenhouse = Paradise, Greenhouse = Invincible Summer, Greenhouse > Your favorite place

So beautiful *gets teary*! The bright pink is such a stark contrast to all things dreary.

Extended gallery of plants. I would love to learn how plants can grown out of cut logs. Please teach me ~

Lesson learned. If you are suffering as I did from a terribly mundane, uncolorful winter, visit your local greenhouse to be bathed in rich hues. Plants can do so much for the soul ~ I’m excited for next school semester as me and my future roomie are planning on stocking our room full of green plants (ideally head to toe). It will be such a protection spell against the upcoming winter.

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