Being a Foodie in Shanghai


A true documentary of me being a foodie in Shanghai:

My “7th aunt” brought me this gorgeous tray of nai you dan gao 奶油蛋糕!(Cream Cake!) She is such a wonderful human being… They are from Kaisling which an older and respected food brand in Shanghai. And because I’m just such a cream cake fan, these were gobbled in a short moment.


She also brought this huge sheep plushie (as it is the year of the sheep). Ahh so cute….

Visited the western-cuisine-based Wagas with my cousin and her family. Mango & Apple smoothie that reminded me apple is wonderful in anything.

I like Wagas (aside from its prices), I really do. Expect its name reminds me of a watch brand for some reason which throws me off when I’m eating haha.

Some kind of healthy salad (mangoes, avocados, greens, chicken, tomatoes, rye bread and garlic sauce)

Fried shrimp wonton ~ Fanccy ~

Literally pineapple fried rice + seafood! I was assured the pineapple was real, rest assured.


Chilled Mango Sago pudding!


Barbecue pork pastry topped with sesame seedsIMG_3373

Hot seafood porridge for my sore throat ~ a remedy for sure!IMG_3374

Triangular fried curry biscuits! IMG_3375

Shrimp wontons with egg topping ~


Steamed egg with clams and seaweed ~


One of the most flavorful dishes of the meal, curried vegetables, it had a rich taste of coconut and curry blended with an assortment of broccoli, sweet potatoes, potatoes, carrots, and taro!

Sliced cucumbers with a thick sauce ~

Tofu & parsley

Deep-fried pork.

Sweet & sour pork. Pork, pork everywhere because its the cheapest meat in Shanghai.

Mmhmm, this one’s a mystery. It was a Chinese vegetable with a consistency like Chinese broccoli


This one had a divine flavor. Cauliflower & pork with a strong steamed meat flavor.

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