Treasure Find! Greenhouses

Living as one with the cornfields can get a bit dull at times, especially for people like me who want nothing more in life than to eat little pastries from corner convenient stores and bargain shop for cute clothes in underground subways. Around February in particular, the dreary winter was becoming just a little too mundane in little old Upland. In those moments, you just long for colors, especially the deep green of spring.

My friend though, being such a wonderful human being, introduced me to our school’s on campus greenhouse. Truly a hidden treasure, it lurks in the shadows of our old science building. Its this humble sized greenhouse that smells like spring humidity and a strong flowery aroma. The perfect solution to a miserable winter day – with cold hands and wind-blown hair, I came in and left with a spirit repaired.

My cutie shoes and the reflection of the greenery hanging above me in a pool of water.

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Bye Bye Shanghai

(above: exo’s D.O. came to give me his best wishes, what a sweetheart)

With anything, comes one’s time of departure. The pastry egg tarts, the boom of construction sites rising and falling, dancing grandmas and their fans, will all reside into memories of days past. I’ve been so blessed this whole way through for my experience in China.

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Being a Foodie in Shanghai


A true documentary of me being a foodie in Shanghai:

My “7th aunt” brought me this gorgeous tray of nai you dan gao 奶油蛋糕!(Cream Cake!) She is such a wonderful human being… They are from Kaisling which an older and respected food brand in Shanghai. And because I’m just such a cream cake fan, these were gobbled in a short moment.


She also brought this huge sheep plushie (as it is the year of the sheep). Ahh so cute….

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