Lost in the Streets (of Shanghai)


Shanghai Afternoon at the French Concession ~I would love to pick out a roadside cafe, window side table, caramel macchiato (♥) in hand, washed-out afternoon 2pm, and just read poetry. This streets are dripping of writing potential and I’m desperately reaching out my hands, trying to cling onto this cold January aura. Feel free to leave me behind here, draped in ugly winter sweaters and silence of this road.


And yes, there were these cute little cafes along the roadside, decorated in hanging plants, colorful sticky notes, and chalkboard menus gorged with delicate cursive letters.


My ideal menu: Green smoothie (avocado & pear blend because apparently bananas tend to be extinct when you want them the most), Chicken nuggets (your daily side of unhealthy), and an adorable strawberry macaroon (I’m so in love with macaroons, it wasn’t until last Christmas that i finally gave one a shot and ugh, i regret all my pre-judgmental thoughts from before – dear macaroon you are perfection in a tiniest form)  gifted to me by a lovely friend! 


*still angry that American smoothies are just pretty much sugar water and food coloring*

Avocado smoothies are heaven’s blessing. I swear, if you don’t take advantage of them, you may as well be missing out on one of the key highlights of life. IMG_3138

These streets are gorgeous ~ I love the pale crooked trees as well and how uniformed their un-uniformness is IMG_3148 IMG_3154

It does have a Europe-inspired atmosphere. ^^IMG_3155 IMG_3162 IMG_3165 IMG_3167 IMG_3170

We even stumbled upon a colorful street filled with foreigners and young couples. It was one of those areas that make old things look cute, a trendy little street filled with an assortment of shops: bakeries, a fro-yo place, little trinket shops, anything you’d like to imagine. How I would adore to spend a weekend there ♥IMG_3174

Totoro figures with zodiac signs ~ IMG_3175

We weren’t suppose to take photos in here… shhhh. But anyways, its such an adorable and charming little shop!IMG_3176

Hawthorne berries! IMG_3177



Small park we found on a search for bathrooms! It was under construction but still filled to its max capacity with senior citizens playing mahjong, cards, and doing tai-chi.IMG_3184 IMG_3186

In another adorable shopping street we walked down there was an adorable cafe with a cat mascot lazing around by the window side. (Obviously to attract customers like me because I was so tempted to go in for the cat’s sake). Hi you wonderful being you! Thank you for being so cute, thank you for existing. IMG_3187

More cute little shops along the way on the street~ Paper cutting is such a beautiful and delicate art. I ended buying a small pop-out cut-out of a Chinese dragon for a friend back at home. IMG_3188

More cute, less money….IMG_3189IMG_3193Ohhh waitt! I almost forgot about this wonderful place! Its a restaurant themed with toilets. You get to sit on toilet like seats and eat out of toilet like bowls ~ so exciting seriously. (why did i not go in here, all the regrets) IMG_3191

Look at their little menu ^_____^IMG_3192

yess, yess. I love themed restaurants especially extremely quirky onesIMG_3194

😦 Moment of silence for all the cute stuff out there….IMG_3196

IMG_3197 IMG_3206

Hi dog ~ I don’t blame you, everybody gets a little sleeping this time of day. IMG_3208

And for dinner, another full array of dishes. Starting with locus stuffed with sweet rice ~ My dad would love this dish – who am I kidding, my whole family would love it. IMG_3209Fried taro i believe! Taro here, taro everywhere seriously ♥ – I would sing an anthem for taro, its so lovely, same goes with coconut milk and avocados *drools*IMG_3210

Green beans! IMG_3211

Tofu and potatoes ~IMG_3215

Beef dish.IMG_3216

Noodles ~ What a classic.IMG_3217

Hong Shao Rou ~~ AHH my little bro’s favorite! It even has flavored eggs as well – it does not get better than that! I don’t even eat pork, but I will for this dish. IMG_3221

Okay and lastly, my mother’s favorite dish. She would always request this at Chinese restaurants back at home when we would bring them a basket of fresh fish. Its such a pity because this dish was barely touched at our table 😦

10 thoughts on “Lost in the Streets (of Shanghai)

  1. I went to the original Taiwanese branch, Modern Toilet in Taipei. Taiwan has other themed restaurants like Hello Kitty and Barbie (yes, it’s true) among others. 🙂

    You took great pictures of Shanghai. 🙂

    1. Thank you Eileen for your lovely comments! 🙂
      Wow did you? I’m jealous! That sounds amazing, I’ve never been to Taiwan before, but I would love to visit. My Taiwanese friend told me her airport terminal in Taipei was decorated with a Hello Kitty theme ~ wish we had more stuff like that back here.

  2. Oh my Buddha! Your photos are gorgeous! I am currently in Shanghai as well, but I have not been to all of the cute places you’ve been to! I really want to go to those streets with the little cute shops yo’ve mentioned! AND the restaurant! SO much cuteness in one post!

    1. Hi Jess, thank you for reading! ^__^ Aww, well I hope you do get a chance to visit the French Concession in Shanghai~ Tian Zi Fang is amazing as well. Best of luck! If you do end up visiting, I would love to hear about it!

    1. Thank you Jeanne! Shanghai was definitely a sensory overload and I was lucky to capture a few lovely shots. I hope you do get the chance to visit Shanghai in the future ~ it has always felt more of a home to me than my real home. 🙂

  3. I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to really read through your blog! I have to say, your blog is making my morning so wonderful, sipping green tea in my wooden mug and scrolling through your beautiful photos of China! You are such a GREAT writer as well! The very first paragraph of this post is gorgeous, and I feel like you’re describing me perfectly.

    1. Wow, Alyssa! Your words are so sweet and make my week *runs away crying* 🙂
      Thank you so much! I would say the exact same about your blog…. I always look forward to
      your delicious breakfast adventures and photography.

      Thank you! I’ve really enjoyed my time blogging and have actually found myself quite addicted to it now haha!
      Its the perfect combination of everything I love (photography, writing, & reflection!).Once again, you are so sweet girl,
      and I hope you have a wonderful week!

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