Coffee(ing) my Lungs out (Sick Day in Shanghai)


I like puns but they don’t like me 😦 My flu reached it peak today and we decided to book a visit to the hospital. My only experience with Shanghai hospitals has been on the dark side (grimy hallways out of a horror movie, crowds of people rushing line to line, poker-face nurses stabbing needles, and patients clutching their bleeding wrists with cotton pads hastily pasted on). I’m obviously being over-dramatic but when you have surgery in China, its not the most pleasant of experiences.


We started off our morning with Starbucks before taking a taxi to the hospital and I ordered a Peach Blossom Tea Latte, mmhmm so good, a remedy for sore throats and stuffy noses for sure. Despite being sick, it was a peaceful morning to just write in my journal and sip tea. IMG_3225

For lunch, this cute place! It didn’t have much business and in China that always means something…. I have a weakness for good design though (and felt called to the pastel blue and pink color scheme). It also helped that they had waffles ….IMG_3226


At least no customers means that you get first priority and a nice quiet seat where ever you choose to land.IMG_3229

Yeah, they were out of bananas again. Bummer. I swear, when you need bananas the most, they are never here for you 😦

Yooshake, you get 2 stars for good interior design and color scheme, and another 2 stars for having a mouthwatering menu, but minus one star for no bananas and waffles that taste like they came out of a Days Inn waffle maker. Not bitter…maybe just a little. I’m such a food snob, I need to stop.


And for our last dinner together as a travel group ~Pork mhmmm


Bamboo slices ~~~ glowing golden color


Spicy chicken


Green beans & potatoes ~ The sauce was delicious~IMG_3240

Pork chops ~ I was still a little surprised that people were not use to eating pork on the bone. My dad would cook this all the time when I was little and my brother and I would race to see who could make the bone the cleanest.




Everybody’s favorite! Man tou ~ It was hilarious because nobody in my family would believe me when I told them that all my classmates enjoyed mantou best out of all the Chinese dishes. My 大妈妈 (elder aunt) exclaimed in horror “What? Mantou?”  Haha, I guess to most Shanghai locals, man tou is merely 家常便饭 – common food that is cooked everywhere aka peasant food along with the likes of fried rice. (I love fried rice with all my heart but its not your typical impress-your-guest dish)IMG_3243

I left dinner to take photos of these fish. Fish > people. Obviously. IMG_3246 IMG_3253

Swimming in bokehs ~  My last impression of the night.

2 thoughts on “Coffee(ing) my Lungs out (Sick Day in Shanghai)

    1. Thank you Eileen! It took a while, but I’m feeling much better now 🙂

      They did? Haha, that’s crazy…. like I said, banana deficiency!

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