At the Gates of Shanghai


We are in Shanghai! My home away from home ~ It feels so strange to finally be so close to my family – grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. Despite seeing them just this past summer, I have missed them incredibly: their loud laughter, thick Shanghainese accents, and delicious home cooked dishes.


Today marks the end of comfortable tourist bus rides and the beginning of brutal public transportation ~ We took the subway to a Buddhist Temple, though it was quite ironic, this historical old temple in the midst of soaring skyscrapers.


In the ground of the temple, there were common folk burning incense and bowing before Buddha statues. I almost felt like an intruder as I timidly snuck by snapping photos. IMG_3125

Its winter but there are still flowers blooming ~ Such a blessing!   IMG_3094  IMG_3071

Chinese Architecture + BW (black & white) = akldjkfsld

but then again ….. Chinese Architecture + anything is basically a winning combination!


Close ups of the burning incense ~ Fire in a daylight makes such a beautiful capture.)IMG_3029

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