My Experience in an Ancient Town: Fengjing


My day trip to Fengjing ~ a small water town on the outskirts of Shanghai. Fengjing is one of the area’s ancient towns and is popular with Chinese tourists as a little day get-away.


But before entering the town central, we made an important stop….

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Coffee(ing) my Lungs out (Sick Day in Shanghai)


I like puns but they don’t like me 😦 My flu reached it peak today and we decided to book a visit to the hospital. My only experience with Shanghai hospitals has been on the dark side (grimy hallways out of a horror movie, crowds of people rushing line to line, poker-face nurses stabbing needles, and patients clutching their bleeding wrists with cotton pads hastily pasted on). I’m obviously being over-dramatic but when you have surgery in China, its not the most pleasant of experiences.


We started off our morning with Starbucks before taking a taxi to the hospital and I ordered a Peach Blossom Tea Latte, mmhmm so good, a remedy for sore throats and stuffy noses for sure. Despite being sick, it was a peaceful morning to just write in my journal and sip tea.  Continue reading

Lost in the Streets (of Shanghai)


Shanghai Afternoon at the French Concession ~I would love to pick out a roadside cafe, window side table, caramel macchiato (♥) in hand, washed-out afternoon 2pm, and just read poetry. This streets are dripping of writing potential and I’m desperately reaching out my hands, trying to cling onto this cold January aura. Feel free to leave me behind here, draped in ugly winter sweaters and silence of this road.


And yes, there were these cute little cafes along the roadside, decorated in hanging plants, colorful sticky notes, and chalkboard menus gorged with delicate cursive letters.


My ideal menu: Green smoothie (avocado & pear blend because apparently bananas tend to be extinct when you want them the most), Chicken nuggets (your daily side of unhealthy), and an adorable strawberry macaroon (I’m so in love with macaroons, it wasn’t until last Christmas that i finally gave one a shot and ugh, i regret all my pre-judgmental thoughts from before – dear macaroon you are perfection in a tiniest form)  gifted to me by a lovely friend!  Continue reading

At the Gates of Shanghai


We are in Shanghai! My home away from home ~ It feels so strange to finally be so close to my family – grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. Despite seeing them just this past summer, I have missed them incredibly: their loud laughter, thick Shanghainese accents, and delicious home cooked dishes.


Today marks the end of comfortable tourist bus rides and the beginning of brutal public transportation ~ We took the subway to a Buddhist Temple, though it was quite ironic, this historical old temple in the midst of soaring skyscrapers. Continue reading