Midnight in Flavors ~ Nanjing, China


Our last night in beautiful Nanjing. I truly enjoyed our stay here ^^

Warning: this post contains more explicit food pictures T___T because I can’t help myself. IMG_2970

A summary of my life (see photo above)


I think these were dessert deep fried taro balls. Mhmm…  IMG_2965

Soy sauce rice with taro balls ~ IMG_2964

Garlic Broccoli: the traditional table dish.IMG_2963

Pumpkin & Green Beans! The flavoring was delicious ~ I’ve never been a fan of pumpkin (savory food wise) but vegetables are so promising in China.IMG_2962

Pork & Shrimp!


Clam-shell shaped baozi ~~


Hong Shao Rou (aka Red Braised Pork Belly). The bottom of this dish has salted veggies ~ My grandmother used to make this all the time back when she stayed with us. Hong Shao Rou and bamboo shoots was her specialty dish that my little brother fell head over heels with.

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