A Sea of Colors – Zhenjiang, China


Here is Zhenjiang in a completely different light than my last post. Completely gorgeous – a sea of colors, ever vibrant and lasting of cultural remnants and also, might I say, in touch with nature. IMG_2891

*dies slowly* The colors, my heart……


Koi fish, you are all so wonderful, no matter your color, thank you for existing! IMG_2903

Zhenjiang! Your skies are beautiful and lovely and give me hope that China’s industry hasn’t completely destroyed cloudy blue days.

IMG_2906 IMG_2907

My dad loved these pictures. He said he gets nostalgic for this sort of architecture. Aww, dad!IMG_2909

a little cafe shop ~IMG_2910

Glazed hawthorne berries!IMG_2917 IMG_2918

Blue skies, blue skies ~

IMG_2919 IMG_2931

The view after climbing a long set of stairs! I’ll learned climbing up steps always proves to be rewarding. IMG_2933

(me on the bus having a quick snack! ^^)

These tiny oranges are one of the many highlights of this trip! They are so small and sweet and unexpected. I could gobble up ten of them and still crave more. Their beautiful deep green leaves are just another reason to love them.IMG_2936

Our last stop in Zhejiang was a currently-in-construction mega-church.  IMG_2947

The man who gave us a tour around was so sweet. In the end, I thanked him in Chinese for letting us visit his church but he declined my gratitude, shaking his head with a smile “No, no! You should not thank us. God made this church for all of us. It is not mine or theirs but for anything one wishes to come. The doors are open.”


A building across from the mega-church.

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