Nanjing! Nanjing!


“Collect beautiful moments not things”  

When you get the chance to fly and end up with window seat, the one thing you must do is stare out the window (longingly, romantically, and passionately) at the city of clouds, how they just barely form white mountain peaks against the pink horizon. Its not your everyday car ride, its a ride above the clouds, the closest we’ll get to touching the sky.

We arrived at Nanjing at nightfall, all purely exhausted. In my state of clumsiness, I even tripped and fell on the cement while lugging my ugly red suitcase. It’s easy to say we were all relieved upon arriving at the hotel for a long awaited night rest.


Morning came fresh and early. We visited St. Paul’s church in the city at 10am for their English service. The interior was lit in a 1800’s feel, mmh, beautiful.


Afterwards we proceeded to lunch at a nearby restaurant. This was some fried crispy rice snack and came with a spicy soy sauce dip. Overall very very salty but addicting.IMG_2670

There was more food than just this sorry! I get so lazy and lost in the food that I forget my job….IMG_2673

Orange chicken (a cult favorite!) and pineapple. This dish went fast as expected.


Actually, I take back what I said about the orange chicken being a cult favorite, because these baozi turned out to be the real favorite. On our trip, they were fought over, squealed over, and placed on a golden pedestal of “foods-that-we-want-to-take-back-with-us”. These baozi were plain on the inside but glazed and fried in a browned sugar coat and dipped in sweetened condensed milk. Basically, sugar on sugar … which makes it all that more lovable haha.


We followed our morning up with a visit to Sun Yat Sen’s Mausoleum on the Purple Mountains. My family told me the night before on the phone that this place was beautiful to say the least. IMG_2681

Yup, they weren’t wrong about that! We had a tedious walk up by the view was worth all the while. IMG_2686

The amount of people were crazy (modest if you looked at it with a Chinese eye) but I love the color diversity of the jackets ~ like a rainbow amidst the sunny day.


Nanjing is in touch with its nature side. I’ve never seen clouds in Shanghai, nor Beijing but here in Nanjing we were rewarded with a cloudy blue sky.IMG_2699IMG_2707

Daily adorable kid of the day! IMG_2763

At night, we visited a  Confucius Temple at Nanjing’s West Gate, our teacher specifically choose to bring us during the night hours because of the light display. I, for one, really appreciated that decision. IMG_2723The night gave off such an air of calmness and serenity. Quietness slipped into the gates easily as we wandered off on our own.IMG_2719


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