Wild Goose Pagoda


Another beauty of Xi’an : the Giant Wild Goose Pagoda. A Buddhist pagoda built in the glorious Tang Dynasty, the Wild Goose Pagoda has also been named one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. I’ve been in love with Chinese pagodas since day one when I first step foot into the Six Harmonies Pagoda of Hangzhou ( 六和塔 ). It had been an ethereal summer day when Hangzhou officially stole my heart and I think now I associate pagodas with moments frozen in time. IMG_2553

The first construction of this pagoda collapsed five decades later and was rebuilt by an Empress who added an additional five stories to the original five. Unfortunately, natural disasters do happen and an earthquake of the 1500’s  knocked the pagoda down to seven stories. What a history……


A lovely atmosphere: no crowds of people, no peddlers, no screams no shouts, just a silence respected. IMG_2557

Inside a building there were many statues of the Buddha and each statue had little money offerings (of usually ten yuan) placed by their side.IMG_2562

I feel like I’m walking into a Chinese Period drama (yes, I’m referring to you Bu Bu Jing Xing)IMG_2565 IMG_2570

Chinese buddha ~ We’ve learned that originally Buddhism was not popular in China until alterations were made to allow the Buddha to take on more Chinese features. Kind of funny because this was also the case with Christianity. People slowly turned Jesus into a western-faced man (lightening his skin from olive to white). Which goes to show that humankind is attracted more towards similarities than differences. IMG_2572

Who would love to have a cup of tea while reading a good novel here (followed by a lazy mid afternoon nap)? *raises both hands*. The greenery makes me smile ridiculously – thank you dear Chinese winter for choosing to be so lovely to us all.

IMG_2573 IMG_2574 IMG_2575 IMG_2580

A last picture within the grounds of the pagoda before our departure outside the gates.IMG_2548

Speaking of outside the gates, I managed to catch a bunch of adorable kids!IMG_2540

These little ones are all so stylish and trendy with their panda hats and bunny backpacks and I am forever impressed. (as were all the other students traveling with me)IMG_2546

I feel like when I was a kid, I just wore ugly hand-me-downs and itchy granny sweaters haha.

4 thoughts on “Wild Goose Pagoda

    1. Aw thank you, I do hope you get a chance to travel home sometime soon! ^^ And thank you for sharing, I didn’t know much of Xi’an’s history until I visited but am hoping to keep on expanding my knowledge. 🙂

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