Terracotta Warriors of Xi’an


Beyond all, Xi’an is famous for its Terracotta Warriors – a modern day archaeological discovery from 200 BC. Its constructions were lead by the ruthless Chinese Emperor Qin Shi Huang, who wished to bring along a brute force of terracotta soldiers to the afterlife.


These terracotta warriors were each made with individually unique faces (which is amazing, in my opinion) and the tomb was constructed via peasant labor (as always, poor guys). From the three pits that archaeologist have uncovered so far there are an estimated amount of 8,000 soldiers. IMG_2492 IMG_2491

These are the miniature sized terracotta warriors that were being sold at the gift shop. The gift shop even has life-size ones as well for those extra-committed tourists with big wallets. IMG_2494

Outside of Pit 1 (there are three pits in total, number 1 being the most close to finished, while the other 2 are not as impressive)


It feels more like autumn than winter here, the way the leaves are a bronze shade and how the sun still shines.IMG_2496


As the terracotta warriors are much in construction, there were many figures that were missing heads, hands, and weapons.


Specially reserved warriors? These were placed towards the back with the less finished warriors.IMG_2514 IMG_2517

More of the beautiful exterior. I adore these trees that slightly bend towards the pavement – even in the winter they cling onto their leaves and its green hue. IMG_2518 IMG_2520

Pieces of the terracotta warriors that have not been put together yet. Something that really caught me off guard.IMG_2522

Concluded our visit with a quick lunch at Dico’s (a Chinese fast-food station).


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