Xi’an Food


Our second night in Xi’an could not be complete without Yang Rou Pao Mo (羊肉泡馍) aka Lamb Soup famous to the Shangxi Province and in particular, Xi’an. Each person received one of this pita bread like biscuits with a very dense interior.  We tore the bread apart into tiny little pieces that were to be used in the lamb soup (“just like noodles!” we were told)IMG_2585

Pork dish?


Green beans and eggplant: two reoccurring vegetables on our dinner table. The flavor was great! IMG_2588

I’m not sure what this dish was but it was delicious! Three layers of different vegetables ~ lovely color presentation.IMG_2589

This was a cute spinach dish. There was an adorable little face drawn with sauce above the dish ~ aww! My love for spinach has really grown on this trip


Peapods, black mushroom, and lily root. IMG_2592

Beef fried with orange sauce. IMG_2593

Mushroom and Chinese vegetables.IMG_2594

Rice noodles with Chinese cabbage ~

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