Xi’an At Dark


After a pleasant bullet train ride, we arrived at Xi’an just as the purple night sky was setting in. Our hotel was just in the middle of all the night life and we were immediately immersed in the neon lights of the street and the radiant personality of Xi’an.


IMG_2471 IMG_2472

What’s special about Xi’an is that its home to a large portion of the Hui Muslim minority of China. As we walked past the Muslim Quarters, you could feel a different aura – different dress attire, a strong flavor of cooked lamb in the air, and other specialty foods.


Orange glazed lamb meat. IMG_2475

Pea-pods, lotus, and black mushroomIMG_2476

A delicious dish of japanese tofu. I’m obsessed with Japanese tofu and can still not bring myself to understand why others dislike the texture of it.IMG_2477

Meat dish again. Maybe lamb or chicken? IMG_2478

Shredded potatoesIMG_2479

Creamy corn


Chinese vegetablesIMG_2481

Egg drop soup

IMG_2482 IMG_2485

Noodle making! It was fun watching this guy tug at the noodles and make a show out it it.


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