You’re not a Hero until you climb the Great Wall


In my 2nd year of Chinese class my teacher told us that “one cannot be considered a hero until they climb the Great Wall”. We laughed it off but I never thought that the day I got to take my first step onto the wall would come so soon. I had undermined its scale of beauty and size in my head, thinking that its pictures and postcards were enough of a representation of its magnitude and beauty.


Instead, I was humbled. Just imagining all the peasant labor and centuries it took to construct this magnificent landmark.

It was winter, January, and the wall felt cold, an untouchable cold like the wall didn’t age with the world but instead on its own accord. In that way I wished to curl up in the corner of the wall and watch in silence as the morning sky faded into a night of stars.


We took a gondala up to the top of the wall. Back in the days, visitors had to hike up themselves … what a journey that was I’m sure. I feel awfully lazy just in comparison.


View from the top. Blue haze of mountains    IMG_2249

IMG_2284 IMG_2293

IMG_2299 IMG_2300

mountain view ~ Even in the winter, the Great Wall does not fail to be beautiful. If I do get to come back, I love to see its summer image.

3 thoughts on “You’re not a Hero until you climb the Great Wall

  1. i don’t remember a gondola when I went there years ago!
    the view is spectacular with its gorgeous autumn hues, your photo is postcard-perfect!

    1. Hmm, maybe you went to a different location of the Great Wall? Either that or the gondolas must be a new installment ^^
      Did you have to walk up to the Great Wall by foot then? :O

      Thank you dear! I’m glad you think so :DDD

      1. that is possible since the wall is sooo long. I don’t think I went to the top.
        I just walked up a small section, I remember the steps being really steep and hard to climb ^^;

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