(Beijing’s Weird Food Street) ~ Donghuamen Night Market 北京东华门夜市


So we managed to stumble into this eccentric food market, dubbed by many visitors as the “Weird Food Street”, its actual name is the Donghuamen Market (北京东华门夜市), a market renowned for its strange assortment of goodies like scorpions and spiders on sticks and other oddities.

However, most citizens don’t just regularly snack on these expensive bugs despite popular western belief. IMG_2398

Scorpions on a stick.IMG_2396

I am basically that guy haha. Taking photos but not eating ~IMG_2397

First stall on the street!


Seahorse on a stick.   IMG_2401

A yogurt stand ~


More hawthorn berries on a stick!IMG_2403 IMG_2407

Corn on the cob, feels safe and all i thinkIMG_2408 IMG_2410 IMG_2411 IMG_2412 IMG_2418

Because I’m not an adventurous eating, I ended buying this cute little ceramic bunny for 10 yuan *peace sign*


A woman happily holding a huge black spider on a stick.IMG_2421

Cute little animal-themed buns. I would eat these, if they weren’t next to a stall of fried bugs  at this. IMG_2422 IMG_2423




Fruit on a stick!


This guy was waving around a spider on a stick which coasted 80 yuan.IMG_2432

IMG_2433 IMG_2434


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