Christmas in July: Shortbread Cookies


Shortbread cookie dough has been sitting in my fridge for a week and since my family was leaving the next day for Tennessee, i decided to bake it before it went to waste. Obviously its not Christmas yet, but my cookie cutters don’t give me many choices, so Christmas trees and men it is!IMG_7864

These shortbread cookies are simple and allow for maximum creativity.IMG_7872

My dough stubbornly stuck to the roller so i resorted to pounding the dough with my bare hands. #beinglazyIMG_7861IMG_7875 IMG_7878

Shortbread cookies aren’t complete without colorful decorations! In this case, i melted dark chocolate and coated half the cookie in it. My little bro helped decorate the trees in sprinkles.IMG_7879 IMG_7881

Our shortbread men donning a minimalist lookIMG_7882 IMG_7884

We brought these to Tennessee for our family friends and they enjoyed them 😀 IMG_7886

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