Heaven on Earth: The Best Blueberry Scones Recipe!

IMG_7769It’s undeniable that hard work always results in a hefty reward. This exact philosophy presents itself clearly in these gorgeous blueberry scones (i mean just look at them).


 flour-crusted hands from all that kneading IMG_7681

Handling the dough was the trickiest part. Make sure to reserve an extra 1/2 of cup of flour for dusting.IMG_7682 IMG_7689 IMG_7692 IMG_7705Army of blueberries, thank you camera for the lovely bokeh.IMG_7718

This recipe made eight large scones. I would highly recommend doubling the batch because more blueberry scones = a happier household. IMG_7722 IMG_7725 IMG_7742

Pfff…I cried a little bit when these came out, so perfect!IMG_7750Stuff yourself with scones while they are hot, the insides are moist and melt in your mouth. Delicious bake, these are definitely on my all-time favorite dessert lists and i will be making these again soon! 

Guys, don’t take the shortcut in life, especially when it comes to scones because this recipe was worth every minute. Seriously, give it a try.



7 thoughts on “Heaven on Earth: The Best Blueberry Scones Recipe!

    1. Thank you dear! I adore scones too, especially the blueberry ones 😀
      Oooh, that sounds delicious, i will make sure to check them out, thank you for the recommendation!

      1. You are most welcome dear, I love doing kitchen experiments esp. when it comes to desserts 😛

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