The remains of the Shanghai 2010 expo

In 2010, Shanghai held a World Expo inviting all countries to come exhibit their nation’s culture, architecture, and spirit. Fast forward four years and all that remains are rubble, a mess of construction sites, and a few, still open buildings.

IMG_7110 IMG_7111

The Saudi building is one building that is still opened to the public though a vast majority of its displays have been removed and replaced. One famous part of the building still remains intact, which is this circular movie theater with a moving walkway. 

IMG_7113 IMG_7114

So much pretty, and perfect for my signature lazy abstract, motion pictures.

IMG_7141 IMG_7145

Another building still open is the Italy building, cue more elaborate architecture, lots of pasta, and gorgeous artwork.

IMG_7192 IMG_7233 IMG_7243 IMG_7259


It’s a pity that everything else is nearly torn down/deserted.

IMG_7266 IMG_7268 IMG_7269 IMG_7284 IMG_7287

My aunt brought us out for dinner at this horribly high class mall, the prices burned my eyes. The two restaurants we ate at were reasonably priced however.

Lunch: Fried Rice with Pork (so idealistically seasoned and cooked *sniffs*)

IMG_7299 IMG_7300 IMG_7301 IMG_7302

Dinner: A lot of scary things I don’t eat, egg tarts, fried noodle and sponge cake

IMG_7304 IMG_7305 IMG_7306 IMG_7308 IMG_7309 IMG_7310 IMG_7312 IMG_7313

The Bund at night.  Decorated in lights and clogged traffic.

IMG_7319 IMG_7322 IMG_7326 IMG_7327


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