Hanzhou you are gorgeous

An hour train ride away from the industrious metropolis that is Shanghai is the gorgeous “heaven on earth” Hanzhou. Decked in rivers, mountains, and historical sites, Hanzhou makes the perfect tourist getaway. My 3rd aunt and her husband live in Hanzhou and after promising her year after year that I would drop by for a visit, I finally got the privilege to do so.

IMG_6556 IMG_6560

Gorgeous architecture against a foggy riverbank.

IMG_6562 IMG_6695IMG_6725IMG_6731

We took a small boat across the Xi river to a famous but tiny island (the kind that foreign diplomats visited on their important business trips) After touring, I can understand why the Chinese government chooses to welcome their top visitors to this island. Beyond well-maintained, it came off with an ethereal aura that kept with me after departure.

IMG_6630 IMG_6703

So many koi ponds (yess fish!) and these beautiful, brightly colored lily pads.


Afterwards with a quick bumpy bus ride, we arrived at (ta) pagoda. There is an entrance fee (reasonably priced). And cue an hour of exercise. Climbing the pagoda is extravagating, the stair steps are conveniently half as wide as their supposed to be. Honestly, they are no joke and I’m pretty sure people have died falling down these steps (I was clinging to the railing climbing down)

IMG_6765 IMG_6842cat IMG_6821

(More photogenic cats, because how can you resist //so fab)

There were a lot of stray cats running around, one of them was lazily sleeping on some stair steps. It wasn’t the most photogenic but it was extremely friendly and almost followed us all the way home.

IMG_6911 IMG_6912 

We headed to my aunt’s apartment afterwards and for night went out for pizza. Walking there we came across a dog and her puppy (ahgd can I take you two home) and also the beautiful night scenery of a small riverbank


Hanzhou was all types of gorgeous. It was the kind of breathtaking that makes you forget your time and place. I highly recommend a visit to all traveling, especially if you make a trip to Shanghai, make sure to spend a few days in Hanzhou which is so conveniently close with modern transportation


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