5 Things I’ve learned about Japan



5 Things I’ve learned about Japan

1)      You will never be thirsty.  – Soda machines basically everywhere, thousands of types of soft drinks, I still haven’t tried them all. Unless you’re on a mountain where the drinks get to about 300 yen each and as stingy as me.

2)      Be as polite as humanly possible – because the people there are the sweetest people you’ll fine. They smile and offer hellos and thank yous. Elsewhere servicemen and women treat customers like crap, so appreciate it while you can.

3)      Eat lots! – so much good food, so little time. I kind of regret being loyal to my diet because I missed out on such gorgeously packed food at the convenient store. Never again, never again…

4)      Mostly everybody is fit and fashionable– we saw old men running up steep mountains (so jealous!).  And basically everybody wears gorgeous clothes that makes you feel like a hobo

5)      Keep a budget – it is so easy to overspend. As everyone else says, a trip to Japan is pricey. I saw a melon for around 4800 yen and small pack of strawberries for 1000 yen; dang when I get home I will stock up on all fruits and eat like a queen; crown please

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