Silent Morning in Gion

Morning began with heading off to Gion, a part of Kyoto known for its Geishas. At 9am, the city breathed quietly. To my surprise, barely any shops had opened.

IMG_5937 IMG_5940

Gion had its own distinct charm that set it apart from the rest of Kyoto. (the clouded green mountain backdrop behind the city was an gorgeous addition)

IMG_5955 IMG_5961IMG_6032IMG_6025


IMG_6027 IMG_5980IMG_5987

After Gion, we walked to Kyoto’s Manga Museum. Ticket admission was decently priced at $3 for junior high to high school students, $8 for adults. The museum had formerly been a school but now devoted its grounds to a showcase and extensive library of manga volumes. There were also exhibits detailing the history of manga (which started from around the 1940’s) and others, more hand-on, letting visitors create their own manga strip or character.

I’m not the biggest manga fan, so I did feel extra sleepy afterwards….

Walking back to the hotel, we stopped by a small family-run restaurant. The menu was in all Japanese, no pictures, and that should have been the first sign to turn away. My curry rice with beef tasted like expired box mix and learning from that experience, I will make sure I understand the menu before I order.

(not-so-fabulous curry and other dishes)

IMG_6059IMG_6057  IMG_6061 IMG_6062 IMG_6064

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