Train Ride to Kyoto and Supermarket Visit!

Convenient store breakfast costing around 3 USD! Banana, Strawberry Yogurt, and Custard Bread.



Walking around Narita in the early morning.

IMG_5504 IMG_5509 IMG_5513


After spending our first night in Narita, we woke up early next morning to catch a series of bullet trains to Kyoto.  From the train windows, the view was gorgeous. There were houses nestled in the mountain slope, forestry devouring their sides and various small towns, some buried in rice patties, others bordering a quiet port.


Once we arrived in Kyoto, I, at once, felt the difference. Narita was a slumbering town that found its charm in the uneven rows of petite, aged houses and low murmur of everyday life. Kyoto felt like Shanghai; it even smelled like Shanghai. The train station was packed in groups of tourists, uniformed students sitting on the cold platform, and business men and women scurrying past by with their broad briefcases.

After settling in at the new hotel (where, very unfortunately wifi was MIA), we headed out to a local supermarket. Fruits and vegetables seemed pricier then I was used to but I still managed to head out the door only paying around 8 USD.

IMG_5543 IMG_5547 IMG_5548 IMG_5549 IMG_5550 IMG_5552 IMG_5553


-Melon Filled Bread

-Egg Filled Bread

-Yogurt pack:

-3 pack bananas

-Vegetable-flavored ramen

-Lemon Vitamin Soft Drink

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